The Value of Giving Time & Talent

Parents are the cornerstone of the St. Joseph School community.  We see parents as the primary educators of their children and we join with you in an important partnership.  As volunteers, you are strengthening your commitment to the St. Joseph Parish Stewardship principles by the sharing of your time and talent as the most authentic response to Christ’s call to discipleship.  The sharing that you do, either at home or here at school, contributes to each student’s educational experience and is a powerful example to your own children about how we can work to use God’s blessings in our lives.

Volunteer Clearances

St. Joseph School runs smoothly with the stewardship service of so many volunteers.  In order to insure the safety of all our children, we ask that every volunteer is in compliance with our safe environment requirements.

No visitor or volunteer may go directly to any area of the school without first signing in at the office.  For the safety of the children, visitors and volunteers are not permitted to go to a classroom to visit or confer with a teacher without an appointment.  All volunteers must wear a VOLUNTEER badge at all times while visiting the school building.

If you plan to volunteer, please review the requirements below:

Clearances Required for Volunteers:

Clearances and Safe Environment Requirements for Volunteers 2018

Disclosure Statement for Volunteers

FAQ for Policies on Background Checks

If you are currently a volunteer and are not sure if your clearances are expired, please email Roe DeRitis at roed@stjosephrc.org.

Volunteer Opportunities

At St. Joseph School, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer your time and talents.  Please sign-up using our  online School Volunteer form!

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