Home & School Association


The '3Ms' of this dynamic team of volunteers will inspire you to learn more about how to get involved.


The mission of the St. Joseph Home & School Association (HSA) is to wholeheartedly support our pastor, administration, and faculty and staff in the education and spiritual development of our children. Our purpose is to facilitate open and clear communication between parents and the school, to foster a positive atmosphere for our school community, and to devise projects that financially support and enrich the learning experience at St. Joseph School.


The St. Joseph HSA is a volunteer organization made up of hardworking and dedicated administrators, teachers, and parents who work together for the advancement of our school and children. It is important to recognize that all parents/guardians of children enrolled in St. Joseph School, in partnership with the parish and school, are members of the St. Joseph HSA and play a valuable role in our mission.


We are guided by the following principles:

1. To facilitate an atmosphere where parents and faculty get to know one another as partners in their mission to provide a strong Catholic education;
2. To be sources of information about the educational and spiritual programs offered at St. Joseph School;
3. To plan fundraisers that mindfully and purposefully support St. Joseph School and its mission;
4. To be aware of and responsive to the concerns of members of this association.

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