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Students Raise Money at Walk-a-Thon

By Francine Fulton Third-grade participants in the Walk-A-Thon at St. Joseph School in Downingtown included (from left) Sarah McManamon, Jack Porter and Reaghan Stewart. Even though the event was moved indoors due to a stormy afternoon, students, teachers and other staff members recently enjoyed a benefit Walk-A-Thon held at St. Joseph School in Downingtown. The… View Article


Students Vote for Teachers to Kiss a Cow

By Francine Fulton Teacher Kathleen Mullen (right) agreed to kiss a cow as part of a fall fundraising event at St. Joseph School in Downingtown. Puff (center) was brought to the school by local farmer Tom Nields. While Americans were casting their votes for president and other political offices, students at St. Joseph School were… View Article