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2019-2020 Tuition Letter from Father Leva

Letter from Sister Catherine about the Enrollment Process for 2019-2020

SJS New Student Referral Form

Registration and tuition policy – February 2019

St. Joseph School now uses an online tuition and fee management service. There are three payment plan options available: one payment in full on July 15th, two payments, July 15th and November 15th, or ten monthly payments due on the 15th of every month July through April.   The $35 enrollment fee for SMART Tuition will be added to your deposit.

2019-2020 Grades K – 8 Tuition Rates

Saint Joseph Parishioners

   1 child                                2 children                               3 or more

$3,875                                  $7,250                                      $10,250

Half-Day Kindergarten: Included in costs above (e.g., if you have three children, including one in half-day kindergarten, the tuition is $10,250)

Full-Day Kindergarten: Add $600.00 to tuition as listed above  (e.g., if you have three children, including one in full-day kindergarten, the tuition is $10,850)

In addition to the tuition paid by parents, the parish subsidizes the cost of educating each child.

Tuition for Non-Sustaining Families from Saint Joseph Parish

Per child

Non-sustaining families are those who are registered members of St. Joseph Parish but who do not contribute regularly or if unable to do so have not made financial arrangements with the pastor.

Tuition for Non-Catholic Families

Per child


2019-2020 Pre-K Tuition Rates

Early 3-year-old program (T/TH) — $1830/year

3-year-old AM program (M/W/F) — $2210/year

4-year-old AM program (M/W/F) — $2210/year

4-year-old AM or PM program (M through F) — $2920/year

4-year-old FULL DAY program (M through F) — $4475/year for five days

4-year-old FULL DAY program (M through Th) — $3800/year for four days

4-year-old FULL DAY program (M W F) — $3375/year for three days

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