Nurse’s Office


The nurses for the 2016-2017 school year are Stacy Morisoli, RN, MSN and Lori Ruggeri, RN BSN.

About the Nurse’s Office


In addition to the nurses above, a registered nurse is provided by the Downingtown School District according to the school’s enrollment, on days selected by the District. The DASD nurse is responsible for checking the height, weight, hearing and vision of every child and for making referrals to parents when problems are found and for maintaining all health records.

Care given in the school is limited to first aid in accidents or illness until the parents can be reached to take the child home, to the doctor, or to the hospital. In an emergency, the nurse will arrange to have the student transported to the hospital.

All students are screened yearly under the state-mandated program. Student physical examinations are required within three months of entry into school and in sixth grade.

Student dental examinations are required within three months of entry into school and in the third and seventh grades. The seventh grade students are also screened for scoliosis.

If your child has a specific medical program, please notify the homeroom teacher and the nurse of the problem. Medic-Alert bracelets are strongly recommended for any child with a medical problem.

Emergency cards are kept on file for each student. Please be sure we have an up-to-date emergency number on file in case of an emergency involving your child during the school day.

Letter from DASD about Changes to Immunization Guidelines

New School Vaccination Requirements 2017

Accident/Illness at School

Accidents or unusual illness occurring at school are reported immediately to the principal or main office personnel. When a student becomes ill or meets with an accident, the parent or guardian is contacted. If the parent or guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. No medicine of any kind, including aspirin, may be given to the student. Only basic first aid may be administered. Parents must be contacted immediately if there is any question regarding an injury.


If your child is to be given medication at school, the nurse can administer the medication listed on the OTC (Over The Counter) standing orders form. You must provide these medications accompanied by a parent or guardian note stating the name of the medication, the dose of the medication, and the time it is to be administered during the school day.  According to Downingtown Area School District and the PA State Board of Nursing, all other medications will require a physician’s written order. Medication must be current and sent in the original box dispensed from the pharmacy. Your pharmacist will provide you with a second container if needed.

Please inform the school and nurse’s office if your child’s medication has been changed.

For your convenience, medical forms are available below for you to download as needed. Medical forms must be updated each school year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

OTC Standing Orders

DASD Request For Medicine Admin

Self Carry Medication Form


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