Honors Math


St. Joseph School’s Honors Mathematics program is designed to prepare qualified students for high school mathematics at an accelerated pace. Students are eligible for participation in this program starting in Grade 5, however an enrichment course is offered to students in Grade 4.

The non-arbitrary criteria, as defined by the Office of Catholic Education, for participation/continued participation in the Honors Mathematics program are as follows:

  1. Consistent scores of 90 or above in Math Composite score on Standardized Testing (National Percentiles used).
  2. Consistent scores of 80 or above in the Reading Comprehension test of the Standardized Testing.
  3. Evidence of above average performances on Mathematics Level Mastery Tests (Diocesan Level Testing). “Above average performance” is interpreted as a score of 85 or above.
  4. Consistent grades of 90 or above in Mathematics on the report card.
  5. Cognitive Skills Index falling in the range of 125 in the Terra Nova Test (0r 125 or above in other testing used to indicate ability).

Please visit Mrs. Welsh’s homework page for more information.


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