Grounded in Faith, Giving through Service, Growing in Knowledge

St. Joseph Catholic School provides academic instruction from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. Our campus is located 40 miles west of Philadelphia in the historic borough of Downingtown.

The school is situated on the grounds of Chester County’s largest parish, St. Joseph Parish, which also hosts the convent of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

St. Joseph Parish was founded in 1851, and has continuously provided the community of Downingtown and its environs with the peace, strength and security of the Roman Catholic Church. Continuing its service to the community, the parish founded St. Joseph Catholic School.

Over the years we have fostered the capabilities of our students in a safe, Christ-centered atmosphere; creating a learning environment rich with dialogue, inquiry, exploration, and risk-taking and empowering our students to take an active part in the learning process.

With the cooperation of the parish, school, and home communities, we meet the educational needs of our students by building a strong academic foundation through the utilization of various methods of instruction and assessment.

We recognize the importance of technology and are committed to using this tool to enhance the learning process. As a Catholic school, we focus on contributing to the Christian humanization of the world, which permeates all parts of the curriculum and concentrates on respect, responsibility, and reverence.

Please enjoy this commercial video of Catholic education in Chester County, including St. Joseph School.


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