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How are Regional teams picked?

Generally, at the beginning of a sport season, athletes are evaluated during evaluation/tryouts. Individuals who have coached in CYO or elsewhere and do not have a child trying out conduct these tryouts, on occasion an exception may be made. Various drills are run in order to properly assess skills; ability and position, and teams are then determined accordingly. Evaluators do their best to properly place the players on the teams.

Teams are not picked based on the coaching volunteers or parent involvement in CYO. We do our best to be fair and unbiased and want to put every athlete in an environment that allows them to have the most positive experience.

How are coaches assigned?

After the teams are picked, the coaches are determined for each team based on the people who volunteered to coach and the teams their children were assigned to (if they have children involved). In the last few years, CYO has been successful in recruiting head coaches who do not have children playing on their team and who are committed to the CYO Mission. On occasion CYO does not have enough volunteers to match up with the teams, for example:

  • Boys JV basketball is left with no A-team coach so parents will be asked to volunteer.
  • Boys JV baseball is left with no B-team coach and again parents will be asked to help.

What is the Playing Time Doctrine?

St. Joseph CYO has a playing time doctrine, which goes above and beyond that of the league. Whenever possible we want our athletes to have the opportunity to learn the game and gain skill and confidence. However as the levels become more competitive they will require an increased amount of skill and in some situations playing time will be based on the best interest of the “team” (i.e. Varsity Regional team). The size of the team will also determine the amount of playing time at all levels. Preseason Evaluations are held to assess the skills of the players in order to place them on a team that will be the best fit.

Playing Time

Varsity Regional (A) Level – Team competes for championship in a competitive league, no playing time rule. However, coaches are asked to make every effort to give everyone playing time. During playoffs, coaches may use their discretion.

JV Regional (A) Level – Minimum 25% playing time over the season is to be adhered to.

All Parish (B) Levels – Developmental levels give players of all skill levels a chance to improve and be successful. Equal playing time should be a priority, 25% over the season is an absolute minimum.

The CYO Board reserves the right to make adjustments seasonally based on the size and/or number of teams.

What does the seasonal Family Fee cover?

First, registration fees cover…

  •  Team registration fees paid to CYO Central and Regional leagues
  •  Referee fees
  • Seasonal equipment (balls, etc.)
  • Facility maintenance (field mowing, lining & misc. gym expenses)

Family Fee dollars go to cover the following expenses that registration fees do not:

  • Yearly gym floor refinishing
  • Field upkeep (aerating, seeding, fertilizing, etc)
  • Large equipment purchases (soccer goals, cheerleading mats, volleyball nets, football equipment, etc.)
  • New Uniforms

If there is a question that you would like to see on the FAQ, please email the CYO Board. Thank you.

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