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Thank you for considering volunteering.

PREP is fortunate to have so many parishioners who practice stewardship in giving their time and talent, returning to the Lord what He has given them. Listed below are opportunities to use your gifts on behalf of the children of St Joseph Parish. Please check the area(s) in which you’d like to help. The children will benefit and you will be blessed, too. The day and time of your commitment will coincide with your child’s PREP session, unless you prefer otherwise.

Our needs are as follows: at least two (2) adults in every classroom (co-catechists), at least one Lobby Monitor and Hall Monitor, and Office Helpers per session. Only during 5:00 sessions: child caregivers for the younger children of other volunteers. Some positions may already be filled, please check all positions you are interested in.

Please remember that if a position is needed your child(ren) will attend the session in which you volunteer.

Presently, the PREP Program is in need of several volunteers:

MON 5:00-6:15- Kindergarten catechist,  two Level 4 catechists, two Level 6 catechist’s aide

MON 6:45-8:00 – Level 1 catechist, four Level 4 co-catechists, Level 5 teen aide

TUE 5:00-6:15- four Level 1 co-catechists, two Level 3 catechists; Level 6 catechist’s aide

TUE 6:45-8:00Level 4 catechist’s aide
Don’t hesitate to call 610 873-8798 or email with any questions.

Important Note: All parish volunteers who are 18 years of age and older and help with young people are required to have

  • PA Child Abuse Background Check – must be renewed every 3 year .
  • PA Criminal Record Check – must be renewed every 3 years
  • Disclosure Statement for Volunteers signed and witnessed every 3 years if you have lived in Pennsylvania continuously for 10 or more years.
  • Volunteers who have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for less than 10 years Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint ClearanceIf you have NOT been a resident of Pennsylvania continuously for the last 10 years, register prior to going to the fingerprint site at List St Joseph Parish as a receiver of the fingerprint clearance. Volunteers who have been a resident of Pennsylvania for less than 10 years must renew their FBI Fingerprint clearance every three years until they reach 10 years of residency in Pennsylvania.
  • Safe Environment Part I: Protecting God’s Children Training  Prior to training register at There is no cost for the 2.5 hour class. After attending, bring completed form Standards of Ministerial Behavior (white copy) to Parish Offices.
  • Safe environment Part II: Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child For all staff and volunteers, the Mandated Reporter Training must be done through the Archdiocesan training on the website (or if you attended an Archdiocesan training session in 2011); any other training will be not be accepted. Print out certificated and return to Parish Offices.

Please remember to keep a copy for yourself of all background checks, ministerial standards, certificates, etc.

See Safe Environment on the Parish Page for more information.

click here for printable version of Safe Environment Requirements

PREP Volunteer Signup

    PREP also needs occasional volunteers. Occasional volunteers pay full registration fees. Please indicate ALL volunteer opportunities you are interested in:

  • Oct21

    Anointing Mass

    Saturday, October 21 at 11:30 a.m.
  • Oct29

    Parish Registration

    Parish Registration will take place at 10 a.m. in the Church Saint John Neumann Room.
  • Oct31

    Trick or Treat

    On Tuesday, October 31, stop by the parish office in your Halloween Costume from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.  
  • Nov2

    We Remember Mass

    Our Annual We Remember Mass will take place on Thursday, November 2 at 7 PM.