PREP Registration


Registration for the 2018-2019 PREP year


  • The family must be registered in St. Joseph Parish.
  • Students must attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. The basis of all religious instruction is the Liturgy of the Word and of the Eucharist. Attending religious instruction is always in addition to Mass attendance.
  • A child in level 2 through 7 must have completed the previous year of religious education before moving on to the next year (e.g. level 1 must be completed before entering level 2; level 3 completed before entering level 4, etc.), regardless of the child’s grade in school.
  • Religious Education Classes are not extracurricular activities, but weekly classes. Each class is the equivalent of one week of school. Regular, weekly attendance is necessary to progress to the next Level.


PREP registration is online ONLY, and takes place in the Spring and Summer of the previous year. If you are new to the Parish, please contact the PREP Office (610) 873-8798 or so that we may help you.

A copy of the baptismal record, for anyone NOT baptized at St. Joseph, is necessary for registration to be considered complete (may be sent later). Please keep in mind that classes do fill up, and when they do, we need to close that day or grade. We can NOT guarantee that you’ll receive your first choice for day or time. While PREP is offered at 4 different times for Levels 1 through 6, some grades levels may already be full in some sessions.

Sessions for Levels 1,2,3,4,5,6 are

MON 5:00-615, MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 5:00-6:15, TUE 6:45-8:00

Kindergarten classes are only offered on MON 5:00- 6:00 and TUE 5:00-6:00

When a grade Level fills up it will be closed in that session. If there is classroom availability, and volunteers step forward, we may be able to offer another class. Please contact the PREP Office with any concerns or questions.

Presently, availability is as follows:

Kindergarten available MON 5:00-6:00, TUE 5:00-6:00

Level 1 available MON 5:00-6:15; MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 6:45-8:00

Level 2 available MON 5:00-6:15; MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 6:45-8:00

Level 3 available MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 5:00-6:15, TUE 6:45-8:00

Level 4 available MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 5:00-6:15, TUE 6:45-8:00

Level 5 available MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 5:00-6:15, TUE 6:45-8:00

Level 6 available MON 5:00-6:15, MON 6:45-8:00, TUE 5:00-6:15, TUE 6:45-8:00.

ONLY children of parents who volunteer are placed in the session of their preference.

We are grateful to the  adults who are volunteering. Please prayerful consider sharing your time and talent with the young people of St. Joseph Parish. Being a teen aide is a great Graduation Project for High School teens. We welcome teens as classroom aides.

2018-2019 PREP Registration Fees

Registration Fees for children in kindergarten through Level 6 are:

             1 child /$185.00;  2 children/$325.00;  3 or more children/$470

 Weekly volunteers: 1 child /$145.00;  2 children/$260.00;  3or more children/$375

Full payment is due at registration. If payment is a problem, please contact the Parish offices to discuss a payment plan [ Parish Business Manager (610) 269-8294]. Payment should be completed BEFORE September, 2018.

If you are volunteering please go to the PREP volunteer page.


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